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A recent review of 21 published studies shows that caffeine has a
positive effect on the body’s metabolism…And yet, most regular coffee drinkers aren’t magically losing weight the way they might hope. So what’s going on?Well, it all comes down to the 3 coffee killers that cancel out or even REVERSE the fat-burning effects of coffee…

Coffee Killer #1: Tolerance

As with any substance, the body grows more tolerant to caffeine through repeated use.
Basically, the more coffee you drink, the less of an effect it has.
This includes everything from mental stimulation to the metabolism boost mentioned above…
So the key is to find a way to KEEP that metabolism boost long-term…

Coffee Killer #2: Low Quality
This one actually isn’t coffee’s fault. Instead, it has to do with what’s already inside the body.

According to Environmental Science & Technology, coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, which help fight the effects of aging and support a young, FAST metabolism!
 However, most coffee brands (be it the “organic” or the “premium” brands) use such pretty low quality beans, ultimately providing the user with just a tiny trickle of antioxidants. 
If only there was a way to RECLAIM those lost nutrients with the coffee we already drink…

Coffee Killer #3: Toxins in the Body

All this however isn't actually coffee's fault, but rather to do with what is inside the body.
According to Harvard School of Health, on an average Americans today consume about 63,000 bits of microplastic every year.

Research also shows that adipose tissue (AKA body fat) is especially prone to storing organic pollutants.

And that’s not to mention the constant barrage of toxins we get from:

  • Pollution both indoors and outdoors
  • ​Dust
  • ​Mold
  • ​Manufactured wood products
  • ​​Household cleaning products
  • ​​Chemicals found in drinking water
  • ​​Processed foods
  • ​​And more…

All of these toxins drag down the metabolism. That, in turn, makes it nearly impossible for the body to get the full benefit of positive nutrients like caffeine.
So what’s the solution? Read on to find out!

  • “Wakes up” a sleeping metabolism (so tolerance, toxins, and even age are not an issue)

  • ​Supercharges the nutrients already in coffee (so ANY kind will work)

  • ​Has already helped THOUSANDS of women achieve their ideal figure!

Best of all, it does NOT require any additional diet or exercise to work.There’s no need to swap out your favorite coffee either.Simply take 30 seconds a day to apply this “coffee trick” to your “cup of joe” and you’re all set!

To find out how, please watch this important video on the next page!

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